Rugby World Cup 2015 Drinking 15

There's going to be loads of 'Best 15 in the World' lists doing the rounds, but would you go for a pint with any of them? Here's my list which looks pretty competitive in it's own right, only you'd have to make sure the match was played before opening hours... Well most players enjoy a few quiet (or noisy) pints from time to time, and there's nothing wrong with that,  but they have to careful not to have too many, or they might end up on a list like this...

 1. Benn Robinson -  this recent Wallaby  is one of the 'Dublin 6' - read all about it under ringleader Adam-Ashley Cooper

2. Dane Coles The All Black hooker has left his drinking days behind, but he used to be as quick getting the pints the pints in as he is around the field.

3. Paddy Ryan – Another Wallaby, another member of the 'Dublin 6', rugby players drinking in Dublin, who would have thought it?

4. Bradley Davis -  Former  Wales international was arrested and bailed after becoming involved in a mass fight outside a bar in April 2011. Would not fancy subduing him at all.

5. Kane Douglas – The Wallaby didn't make the 'Dublin 6', but was reprimanded for his behavior that night too. Do you think he got the wrong impression of what it would be like to play rugby in Dublin?

6. John Jeffrey –An oldy but a goody. Him and England No.8 Dean Richards at the time took the Calcutta Cup onto the streets of Edinburgh after a famous Scottish win, and ended up kicking it down the streets of Edinburgh after a heavy night. They were thinking of renaming it the Calcutta Plate! Banned for six months.

7. Steffon Armitage - one of the best 7's in world rugby, famously not in the England squad I know - and responsible for a  'fracas' in a beachside restaurant following a European Champions’ Cup match against Leicester that led to his overnight detention

8. Jerome Kaino The All Blacks excessive drinking and partying meant his partner in the late 2000's Di would drive around downtown Auckland in the early hours of the morning… seeing if she could spot him and bring him home. A reformed man now.

9. Mike Phillips -  back into the team after Webbs injury - suspended in 2011 over  '3am burger brawl' and sacked by Bayonne in 2013 after turning up for a video analysis session pissed

10. Aaron Cruden - The  New Zealand fly-half  (currently injured or he would be at the World Cup) missed the team's flight to Argentina in the Rugby Championship following a late-night drinking session.

11. Danny Cipriani - a man of his drinking talents has to be fitted in somewhere -his England debut in 2008 was delayed by a week when he was dropped after being pictured leaving a nightclub the day before the match.In 2011 he was fined by Melbourne Rebels after taking a bottle of vodka from behind a bar on a squad night out. And in 2013 he was knocked over by a bus in Leeds on a Sale end-of-season pub crawl.

12. Manu  'I fought the law and the law won' Tuilagi - omitted from the England squad after an 'incident' involving Tuilagi, a  taxi driver and a police office. His subsequent explanation of 'They started it' did him no good either.

13. Mathieu Bastareaud, who was 20 on a tour of New Zealand in 2009, went out, got hammered, then came back, concocted a story about being attacked to explain his sorry state, and hammered his head on a table at the hotel to give the story a bit of credibility

14. Cory Jane -  the former All Blacks star Cory Jane went on a drinking binge and lit up a cigarette inside a packed Auckland bar - less than 72 hours before playing 2011's Rugby World Cup quarter-final.

15. Adam Ashley-Copper -ringleader of the 'Dublin 6' suspended after the Irish match in 2013,  'with a group of players making the decision to stay out late and consume inappropriate levels of alcohol during the early hours of Wednesday morning'